We are what we think we are:

1. Others see, in us what we think of ourselves.
2. How you think determines how you act and how others react
to you.
3. Look important, it helps you think important.
4. Dress right, it always pays
5. The sharper you look, the sharper you will be. (A pencil,
when sharpened, has a clear defined point and writing is
easily read, but a dull pencil is just that, (Dull)
6. Pay twice as much and get half as many: Example, 2 fine
suits are much nicer, last longer, and look better than 4 cheap
7. If you think of yourself in poor situations, that is what you
will get.
8. Think of yourself as sharp, clean, together, intelligent,
informed, and interesting, and that is what you will be.
9. I’m short: Practice uplifting self-praise, not belittling selfpunishment,
think more of your self, and there is more of
10. Be self improving in academics, family and friends. Make
progress in changing bad habits, eliminating negativism,
and wasting time.

source : “A Positive Attitude” by Dan Auito


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