How can we improve our selfesteem?


how to get Self Esteem

Many of us have been raised that to think or say nice things about ourselves is not ‘right’. It is sometimes much easier for us to find fault with ourselves than to find the ‘good’ in ourselves. It’s all very well to be selfdeprecating but this can become a habit, and a bad one at that. If we are always putting ourselves down then how can we ever communicate confidently?
So let’s try the following exercise:

Taking a piece of paper write down the following:
1 Two physical attributes you like about yourself
2 Two personality qualities you like about yourself
3 One talent or skill that you like in yourself.
How easy was that for you? If you found it difficult, which many people do, then find someone whose opinion you value and trust and ask them to complete it for you, (you can also do the same for them) and then exchange notes. This can be a great confidence boosting exercise.
Next keep this piece of paper with you, to refresh yourself of your good points particularly when feeling low or nervous.
If you constantly focus on the negative then you will give out negative thoughts, your body language will give out the same and not only will you continue to feel negative but others will react to you in a negative or hostile way, or they will completely dismiss you and your opinions.
So you need to constantly remind yourself of your good qualities and what you have got going for you. Retrain your brain into thinking about the positive and not the negative. Your body language will therefore change and you will start to give out more positive body language signals.

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