Building confidence


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Acting more confidently begins with thinking more confidently.

Your brain is a very powerful organ, it sends messages to your body, and those messages are relayed to other
people through your body language i.e. how you walk, sit, stand, your facial expressions and eye contact etc.
Therefore, if you think that your point of view is useless and that nobody will be interested in listening to you, if you feel afraid, or you see yourself as inferior then this will be relayed to other people through your body language and, because those are the signals they are receiving, they in turn will view you in exactly that light.
It is a vicious circle that you need to break and one which you can break.

If you can learn to think more highly of yourself then others will think more highly of you.

What is self-esteem?
Self-esteem is the picture we have of ourselves and the value we place upon ourselves. It is dependent on what others tell us about ourselves either directly or indirectly by the way they treat us. For example if you have continually been told as a child that you are too clumsy, too fat, too tall, or hopeless at school this could very well be the picture that you end up forming of yourself. If you are told you are useless you may come to believe that you are useless.
Here’s an example.
Tim is seven years old. He has made a new friend at school and his teacher has praised him for some work
that he did. As a result he was awarded his first gold star. He is bursting with pride and full of enthusiasm.

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