Telephone customer service


interested calling

We are all communicating more on the telephone than ever before.
Even with the advent of email, the telephone is still the quickest and
most convenient way to talk to someone and it will likely continue
to play a major role in virtually every business. Good telephone customer
service needs to be resurrected.
Customers expect and often demand it.
For a business to meet and exceed customer expectations on the telephone, there are a number of steps that need to be clearly understood and practised. They need to become the norm
rather than the exception when the telephone is being used.
# Ensure your automated answering service is user-friendly
# Answer the phone with a positive attitude
# Speak clearly, ask questions and give useful answers
# Change recorded messages frequently
# Keep background noise to a minimum
# Ensure that messages are passed on
# Eliminate the need for callers to have to repeat themselves
# Keep a pen and paper by every phone

source : “101 ways to really satisfy your customers” author : ANDREW GRIFFITHS.
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