Getting a handle on customer service

What is customer service? It is both simple and complicated to define. I believe that any interaction with a customer is a form of customer service. There are, of course, the traditional forms of contact, such as a telephone enquiry, an over-the-counter sale, a letter or a meeting, but there are many others that don’t spring to mind quite so readily when the topic of customer service is raised.
All forms of contact have an equally strong bearing on a customer’s perception of a business and the overall degree of satisfaction they experience in dealing with the business. Sometimes they affect a customer on a subconscious level; other times they are more obvious.
Some examples of the less obvious areas of customer service include:
• Is it easy to find the telephone number of the business?
• Is it easy to find the physical address?
• Is it easy to find parking?
• Is the business inviting to enter?
• Is the business well lit?
• Are you made to feel welcome by the staff ?
• Is the layout easy to navigate?
• Can the staff help with your enquiries?
• Does the business smell?

source : “101 ways to really satisfy your customers” author : ANDREW GRIFFITHS.
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