Leaders’ power

Leaders’ power, traditionally, is seen as having its roots, variously, in:

1. Positional authority – that of role, job, or status and the extent of authority conferred by superiors, in terms of available resources, budget, headcount and decision parameter.

2. Expertize – vested in a person’s competence, in-depth or specialist knowledge and skills, or particular – often unique – expertize and abilities.

3. Information – access to facts, data and information, often exclusive, or privileged, that enhance an individual’s influence and power, personally and/or professionally.

4. Relationships – so-called ‘referral power’, based upon cultivated alliances and connections with those in positions of power and influence, who are prepared to give ‘political’ support or sponsorship.

5. Commitment – people support and own what they create and the ‘territorial’ commitment that arises out of a sense of personal ownership gives a person power.

6. Integrity – an individual’s trustworthiness, honesty and both personal and professional credibility give them ‘moral authority’, i.e. they are identified with possessing the moral high ground in a decision or event.

7. ‘Personal Power’ – arises out of an individual’s unique ‘persona’, presence and ‘style’ and the ways in which they influence, interact with, or dominate others. Includes ‘charisma’, vitality, raw energy, ‘dynamism’ and temperament.

sumber : “Leadership for leaders” karya : Michael Williams.
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