Treating your customers with respect

Customers should always be treated with the utmost respect.
Unfortunately, poor customer service generally stems from a
real lack of respect for customers. As a consumer, I know that
I’m not stupid. I know that my wife, my friends and my business
associates aren’t stupid either. In fact, it’s highly unlikely
that there are a lot of stupid customers out there, yet many
companies still treat us as if we are stupid!
Treat your customers with the respect that they deserve and
your business will benefit enormously. Don’t get caught in the
trap of looking at customers simply as numbers on a spreadsheet.
This is an area where I feel many larger organisations
have started to flounder. The unique needs of every customer
are being lost sight of as businesses focus on their balance sheets
and profit and loss statements. Customers know this and they
have had enough. A flashy advertisement and a few false promises
just don’t cut it anymore.
Respect is a powerful word. Respect your customers’ intelligence,
their time and their decision to make a purchase from
your business when they could have purchased the same item from your competitor up the road.

quoted from: | Pintu Gerbang Kesuksesan Bersama James Gwee


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