The benefits of confident communication

If the person who is communicating with you has all the above qualities how will you feel on the receiving end?
Yes, valued and appreciated. This obviously has many benefits in the workplace. For example it can lead to:
• increased productivity
• better team working
• fewer mistakes and therefore more cost saving
• less stress
• less conflict
• fewer rumours
• better motivation
• greater profits
• a happier workforce.
The benefits of good communication in your personal life can mean:
• fewer misunderstandings and therefore fewer rows
• greater cooperation
• more friends and an enhanced social life
• improved relationships
It’s got to be worth giving it a go, hasn’t it?
So if you’ve got this far and you want the rewards
that come from being a more confident communicator,
read on.

quoted from: | Pintu Gerbang Kesuksesan Bersama James Gwee

more confident

be more confident


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