What makes a confident communicator?

Think for a moment of the people you believe to have
been, or to be, confident communicators. These may
be people you know either in your personal life or at
work. They may be individuals you have heard speaking
at a seminar or conference that you found
Communicating with More Confidence inspirational.

They may be people you have heard and
seen on television, for example celebrities, personalities,
and political leaders. Think about Winston Churchill
and Martin Luther King both very powerful and confident
communicators. What was it about these men
that made them powerful communicators?

Draw up a list of all the ingredients of a confident
communicator. How many did you come up with?
Now look at my list below.
A confident communicator is someone who:
• knows his strengths and weaknesses
• has high self-esteem
• knows his subject matter
• has lots of energy, passion and enthusiasm (this
doesn’t mean to say he is hyperactive but communicates
enthusiasm for his subject)
• has a clear voice
• is firm and persuasive
• uses words that his listener can relate to
• tailors his message to his audience
• has good body language
• has good listening skills
• has good questioning and summarising skills
• makes you feel valued, appreciated and comfortable
• has a sense of empathy with his listener Anyone can communicate, can’t they?
• has an open mind and is able to encourage a free flow of ideas
• gives a considered response when needed
• is able to build rapport and adapt his approach
depending on who he is talking to.
You can already see from the above that it takes quite
a lot to make a confident communicator. But practice
makes perfect.

quoted from: | Pintu Gerbang Kesuksesan Bersama James Gwee


good communicator (an illustration)


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