What is communication?

Given that we accept responsibility for communicating,
we want to make it as successful as possible. Being
able to communicate confidently means being able
to achieve our desired goals without bullying others.

However we communicate, whether it is through the
spoken word, the written word or sign language it is
for a purpose: to instruct or inform, to please, to entertain
or to educate.


good communication gives us more friends

Face-to-face communication covers:
visually – how we look and our body language
vocally – how we speak
verbally – what we say
It also covers how we listen and how we think.
So there is another aspect to communication and an
extremely important one and that is what we are
thinking and feeling. This includes:
our inner voice
our level of self-confidence
our attitude, values, perceptions and prejudices

quoted from:
SeminarSeumurHidup.com | Pintu Gerbang Kesuksesan Bersama James Gwee


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