Top 10 Customer Service Tips To Have Happier Customers

What is the inter-relationship between “Marketing” and “Customer Service”?
Great marketing will bring in customers for the purchase
Great customer service will get these customers coming back
Great marketing requires lots of effort, creativity and often a large budget
Great service, on the other hand, is often much simpler and requires significantly less money!
Customer Service is the key to a company’s success. Why? The logic is simple:
People prefer to do business with people they like
Here are some simple tips to help you and your staff to deliver significantly better customers.
1. SMILE! This is so simple and basic that it is embarrassing to keep reminding people to do it. Many employees don’t smiles because (a) they forget to smile (b) they are so frustrated working in the company that there is nothing to smile about (c) they have been smile to 120 customers this morning and they are just tired of smiling
It is so frustrating to walk into a shop and not receive a smile (just a blank stare) from the sales staff/ receptionist, etc. For the receptionist, she may have smiled to 120 customers already, she is sick of smiling. But for this customer, it is the FIRST TIME that he has walked into the shop! So, please, smile.
I know a company with a simple policy “If you don’t feel like smiling today, please don’t come to work!”
2. Pretend it’s you! If you are serving your customer and they need something, pretend it’s you who needs the help. How would you like to be served? What would make you happy? Always put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Be more caring
3. Repeat your customer’s request before you process your customer’s request, always say “let me make sure I understand you correctly “You would like to …… Is that right?” Customers are always happy when you repeat their request. This simple action shows that (a) you really want to get it right and avoid unnecessary mistakes (b) the customer is assured that you have understood her correctly.
4. Double Check. Always double check even though you already sure. Here’s an example. If your customer has requested for an item that you are sure is already

sami wae ah

a masterpiece came from the bigest think

quoted from: | Pintu Gerbang Kesuksesan Bersama James Gwee


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