Top 10 Customer Service Tips To Have Happier Customers (Part2)

Top 10 Customer Service Tips To Have Happier Customers
6. Ask Questions One of the best ways to improve interaction with your customer (and hence improve customer service) is to ask questions. Listen to what the customer is saying and listen to one or two words that you can ask question about. By asking questions and getting customers to talk, you can then understand their problems and needs better and hence be able to offer better solutions. All this helps you to do deliver superior service to your customers.
7.Answer in complete sentences In the world of good customer service, one-word answers are perceived a rude. Avoid one-word answer like “Yes”, “No”, “OK”, “Maybe”, “Finished” or one-word instruction like “There”, “Tomorrow”, etc. Worse still never use sounds such as “Mm”, “Huh??”, “Wah”, etc. One word answers project laziness and an unprofessional attitude. Always answer your customer in complete sentences. Answering in complete sentences projects a more professional image that you are a person of better education and up –bringing.
8.Notice the kids Customer who bring their children along provide excellent opportunities for delivering good service. All you have to do is to show genuine interest in the child. Chat with the child, joke with the child, play with the child and make some complimentary remarks about the child. Better still, squat or kneel next to the child. These are sure ways to get any parent happy. So never avoid children.
9.Follow Through I was impressed by the sales person who sold me my handphone. One day after I had bought my handphone from him, he telephoned me to ask me if everything was alright, whether I needed help with any of the phone’s features. He also gave me some simple tips about the correct way to charge the battery to extend its lifespan! Simple gesture, took no more that 3 minutes on the phone, cost next to nothing….but really impressed me! Wow!
10.Do Something Extra Do something thoughtful for your customer. All children in the world love presents. So do we adults! Always find opportunities to delight your customers by giving simple gifts; keychains, paperweights, mugs, etc. The thought of getting something as a gift is very special to us humans
So the 10 tips are really not difficult to do right? The simple question then is “ When will you and your staff start doing them?
quoted from: | Pintu Gerbang Kesuksesan Bersama James Gwee

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