We spend 60% of our lives working. So if you are not having fun at work, you are wasting away 60% of your life !!
The sad thing is that most people work hard, but they actually hate going to work. Maybe they enjoy the work, but they do not enjoy the relationship that they have with their colleagues, their superiors and/or sub-ordinates. Or perhaps they have a good relationship with their office colleagues, but the work sucks. Or the targets and the responsibilities have become too heavy to handle and stress is causing work that was once enjoyable to become unbearable.
Therefore, it is crucial to make your work fun. How ?
1. It is absolutely crucial to do the work that you enjoy. Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses. Look for work that enables you to use your strengths and you are almost guaranteed to perform better. When you perform better, you will feel happier and the work itself becomes the reward. It has often been said “If you enjoy what you do, you don’t have to work a single day in your life !” . To me, this is one of the main reasons for my success. I enjoy being a trainer and a seminar speaker. Therefore when I am training or speaking in a seminar, I am really enjoying myself. When I enjoy myself, the participants enjoy themselves too. We all have a great time. I’m not actually working, I’m actually playing ! And the best part is that I get paid for having fun ! And because the participants enjoyed my training and seminar so much, they invite me back again, and I get a re-order. Simply because I’m enjoying myself. So do you enjoy your work ? If not, for your own sake and for the sake of everybody else around you, change your job ! Because if you are unhappy doing what you do :
You will spend 60% of your life unhappy !
Work becomes a burden and stressful
Your stress will cause you to have all kinds of health problems
Your stress will cause you to be not cheerful and this will affect everyone around you – your colleagues, your sub-ordinates and worst of all, your family !
2. Create fun, humor and laughter in the office. Studies have proven that humor and laughter enhances employees’ total physical, mental and spiritual wellness. There is now a realization among the more progressive companies that the work environment must improve and enhance life-work quality.
Humor and a happy & cheerful working environment is so important that it should be incorporated as a HR (human resource) function. Therefore, another term for “Human Resource” should be “Humor Resource” !
Here are some of the benefits of taking the Humor Resource Department of your company seriously :
1. Laughter is the Best Medicine. Workplaces lacking in laughter often suffer from higher work stress and employee health problems, more dissatisfied employees and poor work performance.
2. Humor Resource lightens up the work atmosphere. Of course we all have to take our work seriously. However the way that we do our work can be either unhappily or happily. Therefore it is very important to create a cheerful work environment. Allow PLAY
3. Happy employees treat their customers better. Let’s be realistic. How can you expect unhappy, stressed and frustrated employees to serve customers cheerfully ?
4. Humor Resource promotes a [positive work attitude. When a person is having fun, his work attitude automatically becomes positive. Employees with positive work attitude make less mistakes. Employees with positive work attitude are more likely to perform beyond what they are expected to do.
5. Humor Resource increases work satisfaction and loyalty. Happy employees stay longer. So the company experiences lower staff turnover, less disruption to work and customers and other business partners can build and enjoy harmonious working relationships.
6. Humor Resource enhances work relationships between colleagues, between superiors and sub-ordinates and between people of various departments. Humor makes it easier to solve and overcome common and natural inter-department work-related conflicts.
7. Humor Resource facilitates better teamwork. Only after people have developed a way to discuss and solve inter-personal problems can we hope for them to start working as a team and teamwork begin to strengthen. How can you hope for teamwork to be solid when people don’t even trust each other enough to discuss problems ?

a beautiful girl

a beautiful girl makes us fun

Humor Resource enables a creative and innovative work environment. Only when people are happy do they want to think beyond their everyday work situations and take the effort to think of creative and innovative ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Only when the environment is cheerful do people dare to think of “strange” (creative) solutions – think outside the box.
Therefore in summary, it is crucial to understand that humor, laughter, fun is not just for fun. The truth is that fun IS GOOD FOR BUSINESS. Therefore if your work place is NO FUN, then it is highly likely that your company is LOSING A LOT MORE MONEY than is necessary.
So it is time that you should take fun seriously.
quoted from: | Pintu Gerbang Kesuksesan Bersama James Gwee


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