People who spend a lot of time wondering about their bonuses do very little creative work
“Creativity” is the “in-thing” these days. Everyone already realizes that for companies to survive and beat the competition, they have to be creative. However because everybody is in such a hurry to learn about creativity, there has been so much information and mis-information about creativity in recent years.
While it is important for you to know as much as possible about creativity, it is equally important that you realize the untruths about Creativity. Here are some untruths :
Untruth Number 1 – Creativity Comes only From Creative Type of People
Many people have the wrong idea that a person is born creative and therefore only those people can think of creative ideas. Research has proven that anyone with normal intelligence is capable of thinking creatively. Creativity depends on several factors : experience (including knowledge and technical skills), talent and the ability to think in new ways. Intrinsic motivation is especially critical. People who are enjoy and are motivated by their work, often have creative ideas. Organization spend so much time and effort to get their people to think creatively. But most people can’t think creatively because their work environment simply do not encourage creative thinking !
Untruth Number 2 – Money Motivates Creativity
Money is not an important factor in increasing a person’s creativity. On the contrary, people who spend a lot of their time wondering about their bonuses are actually doing very little creative thinking. Of course, people need to feel that they are being paid fairly. But research has shown (and most of us will agree) that people tend to me far more creative in a work environment where creativity is supported, valued and recognized. People want the opportunity to be deeply involved in their work and to make real progress.
People are most creative when they care about their work and they are stretching their skills.
Untruth Number 3 – Time Pressure Creates Creativity
It is the common belief that people are most creative when they are working under deadline pressure. However, studies have shown just the opposite. People are least creative when they are fighting against time ! In fact, the same study found that even after the deadline, people’s creativity went down the next days ! Time pressure is not conducive for creativity because people have no time to be deeply thinking about the problem. Most ideas bubble up it has been given time to “sink in” and incubate.
Untruth Number 4 – Fear Forces Breakthrough
Another untruth is that fear and sadness improves creativity. On the contrary, studies have shown that creativity is positively associated with joy and love, and negatively associated with anger, fear and anxiety. Research have shown that people are most likely to come up with a creative idea when they are happy, even more if they were happy the day before ! When people are excited about their work, there’s a better chance that they’ll think about it in the day, incubate the idea overnight and shows up as a creative idea the next day.
Untruth Number 5 – Downsizing Makes People Creative
Of course, the opposite is true. Creativity suffers greatly during downsizing. As a result of downsizing, all the factors that are conducive to creative thinking go down. Anticipation of the downsizing and the fear of one’s unknown future causes them to naturally not get so excited about their work. As a result, creativity suffers.
So get the facts right, and start to build a working environment where people are appreciated for their creative efforts.


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quoted from: | Pintu Gerbang Kesuksesan Bersama James Gwee


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