Free, Perfect and Now

In today’s competitive business environment, customer’s expectations are increasing all the time. It has come to the point that customers are almost (in some business already) asking for FREE, PERFECT and NOW!
FREE – customer expect price to be rock – bottom, free gifts, free add-ons (or peripheral goods) and free after-sales service
PERFECT – Customers expect the products to work perfectly, our staff to deliver perfectly – cheerfully, accurately (no mistakes) and professionally
NOW! – In this world of “Everything is instant”, customers expect our response to their request to be “Now!”. For our customer, today is already too late – they would have preferred that we delivered their order YESTERDAY!
That’s customer’s idealistic expectations on one end of the rainbow.
However, on the order end of the rainbow is reality that most companies are NOT DESIGN to respond to this FREE, PERFECT and NOW! Expectation
Here are some of the reasons why.
1. Most systems in an organization are designed for CONTROL; not for SPEED of response
2. Most companies so not have a process to collect the right information to identify correctly and accurately EXACTLY what their customers expect from them. Consequently most products and processes are not designed with great customer service in mind.
3. Most compensation systems in companies do not reward servicing the customers well. In fact, most compensation systems unrealisingly punish great service!
Reality Test 1
Production people are told to focus on quality. But they are paid for the number of units produced!
Department heads are asked to share resources, but they are given bonuses based on their department’s profits & loss!
Customers want long-term solutions. Bosses preach to their staff to provide long term solutions to the customer. But Sales target and commission push sales people to go for short-term solutions and immediate close!

Reality Test 2

Experience your own service!

Talk to your Receptionist

Talk to your accounting clerk

Experience your competitor’s service

Are you people empowered to decide?

In view of all the above, this year-end will be a good time to review the existing systems and processes in your organization. Are they customer-friendly or company-friendly

How does your compensation, rewards & punishment system cause your staff to behave in a certain way, unhealthy towards deliver good customer service.

Train your staff to sell by adding value and by solving customer’s problems, not just competing on price.

Design your selling process to convert from being a one-shot customer to be a lifetime partner.
quoted from: | Pintu Gerbang Kesuksesan Bersama James Gwee


go freedom


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