Melakukan dan mengalami adalah pedang yang tajam untuk membuka hati dan pikiran kita

“The Benefit of Experiential Learning”
When I only hear, I know;
When I see, I understand;
When I do, I know, I understand and I remember

In general training can be divided into 3 categories;
1.Low Impact Learning
2.Medium Impact Learning
3.High Impact Learning
Low Impact Learning takes place in the classroom, when the teacher/trainer only tells and explains to the participants’ ideas and concepts without any tools and / or opportunities for them to actually experience the learning passive input learning
Medium Impact Learning takes place when participants are involved in activities and games related to the training. It is called medium impact because games helps participants to understand and remember but the impact/effect of the lessons learnt may not be remembered by the participants for a long time.
The third category of training, High Impact Learning (or Experiential Learning) is the most effective type of learning because the participants are involved in activities that evoke their true emotions. When this happens, often, the impact can the life-changing and participants sometimes remember the lessons learnt for the rest of their lives!
Games Reflect Behavior
This is the basic principle behind experiential learning. Our outbound training are not conducted in classrooms and hotels, but in natural surroundings of trees, rivers and even waterfalls. Participants are required to overcome challenges that require fears and their fatigue. They often have to do this under difficult condition.
By doing so:
•We are able to see first hand their natural behavior and we discuss with them our observations of their behavior and help them to reflect upon themselves
James Gwee T.H., MBA 1

Participants have opportunity to really g beyond their fears and most of them perform beyond their own expectation, thereby proving to themselves that they have the potential to achieve much better performance
•Participants we required to put aside their own tiredness and fears and to work as a team to achieve success for the team, because one members half-hearted contribution could lead to the team not being able to succeed/ complete the challenge
•This is one of the most effective ways for management to get to observe first hand the true nature, character and potential of their staff. This is one of the best ways to identify potentially good staff within your team
•This is also an excellent way for management to interact with staff and employees in and informal atmosphere.
The biggest benefits of outbound training are:
•Everybody have thoroughly enjoyed a good, refreshing and meaningful outing
•Many of them would have developed the self confidence to perform better at work and in life
•They will return to work with a much more positive attitude
•Employees get to know each other, have formed a bond and this bond will be brought back to the workplace … making the workplace much more cheerful and teamwork very much better than before the outbound training
•Management become much closer with employee


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